Books by Dave Roberts

To date, Dave Roberts has written three books about computer programming and the Internet. Click on a cover image for more detailed information about a particular title.
Internet Protocols Handbook

Internet Protocols Handbook is the most complete technical reference about the common protocols in use on the Internet today. The book provides detailed technical information without all the commentary that accompanies the RFCs that define the corresponding protocols. This is the one-stop reference for implementers and users alike.

Developing for the Internet with Winsock

Developing for the Internet with Winsock is your in-depth introduction to Internet programming using Windows Sockets. This book explains what sockets are, where they came from, and how to use them to build top-quality Internet applications. The book includes a set of Winsock C++ class libraries. The demonstration programs include client applications for many popular Internet protocols, including Finger, mail, network news, and FTP.

PC Game Programming Explorer

Let's face it, some programmers are practical, and some just want to have fun! PC Game Programming Explorer is an introduction to programming fast-action video games. Inside, you will learn how to use graphics, animation, sound, and music to create fantastic games. Concepts are introduced using a series of short projects, suitable for any beginning game programmer. The final project, a game named Alien Alley, brings all the concepts described in the book together in a single game.

Updated: May 31, 1997