Developing for the Internet with Winsock


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"An excellent book, Developing for the Internet with Winsock by Dave Roberts (Coriolis Group Books, 1995), comes with a CD-ROM with every piece of Internet and sockets documentation you'll ever find." -- Joshua Trupin, Microsoft Systems Journal, March 1996, Vol. 11 No. 3
"The class library is great. ... I looked at four Winsock books at the bookstores. [Developing for the Internet with Winsock] was easily the best." -- John Hattan, Foresight Technology, Inc. [Portions of the code from Developing for the Internet with Winsock are being used in Foresight Technology's NetLink/4D.]
"Very clear and easy to understand." -- Ryan Terry Sammartino
"[Developing for the Internet with Winsock] is the most comprehensive resource for socket programming that I have seen thus far. It not only gives me sample code but it also explains the entire socket history and interface in detail." -- Kevin N. Lindroos Sr.
"It has a wealth of useful information and code, and a pleasant, enjoyable style. It's anything but dry, as so many technical books are." -- Garrett Galten
"I just bought a copy of... Developing for the Internet with Winsock, and it was a tremendous help on an important project. Prior to buying [this book], we tried using another package from a well-known vendor, and it was total junk. At the last minute, we discovered that their source code, for some crazy reason, doesn't compile with Borland C++. Besides which their socket class was a pretty thin layer. Our alternative was to plunk down $1,500.00 for another package that includes Winsock classes. Fortunately, I came across your book on Saturday morning. By Monday evening, we had the project done, the contract was saved, etc. etc. Whew." -- Carl Raymond, Orchard Consulting
"I must congratulate you for such a wonderful book, well written and packed with information." -- Frank Chiang
"Your Winsock book is great! ...a very good programming resource." -- Jeff Coleman
"An excellent reference as well as tutorial for C++ Winsock programming (I did it for years under UNIX with much less powerful tools and examples)!" -- Theo Pozzy
"I have enjoyed reading the book... [It is] the best available for the topic..." -- Stuart Johnson
"I just bought [Developing for the Internet with Winsock] (in Singapore). It's well thought out and presented." -- Cecil Lee Gek Hian
"Thanks for your great book..." -- David Taylor, Bear River Associates Inc.