Developing for the Internet with Winsock

New! -- Complete Source

Because Developing for the Internet with Winsock recently went out of print, I have decided to make the complete source code for the book available on the Internet. Click here to download a zip archive containing the files (6.2 MB).

Bug Fixes

Well, when you start writing a book like this, you always have high hopes that things are going to work out perfectly. In reality, they rarely do. Please accept my apologies for a number of bugs that snuck into the code when I wasn't looking. You will find a description of the problems and their solutions here.

Errata (Oct 4, 1997)
This describes the various bugs, their symptoms, and the code changes necessary to fix them. This document is useful if you have already modified the source files for one of your own projects and wish to integrate the changes into your code without overwriting your modified files.
Updated Source Files (Oct 4, 1997)
This is a zip file containing a complete set of updated source files. Download this file and copy over your original source files if you haven't started modifying them yourself. If you have started to modify them, download this file in any case to verify your changes versus the new master source.
MSVC 4 Project Files
This is a zip file containing updated project files for Microsoft Visual C++ 4.x. The projects in the book were originally developed in Visual C++ 2.0. The project file format changed radically between Visual C++ 2.0 and 4.x. While you can convert the project fairly easily yourself, there are some hiccups you might experience. These pre-converted project files might save you some trouble.